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The Woes of Photography and Cardigan Progress

23 Nov

I’ve had an amateur interest in photography for awhile now. I started with taking pictures of food; give me good natural light, a decent camera and I can take some pretty tasty photographs.

Tofu Florentine

Cinnamon Roll

For some reason though, photographing knitting is something I still struggle with. I think with food it’s possible to get a good close-up shot that still features the entire plate, but with my knitting it seems like I’m always having to choose between a close up and capturing the entire piece. Sometimes I’ll take up to 50 photos and not like a single one, even after extensive photoshopping.

On that note, here’s a close-up photo of the completed back of my Who Me? Cardigan. I can’t get over how good the hand dyed yarn looks! The back neck stitches are going to be picked back up later and used to make the sailor collar.

This week I’m back in Austin visiting my family for Thanksgiving. If you need me I’ll be relaxing, cooking, eating, watching all the Harry Potter movies, and making some progress on my cardigan!


Millennium MOFOin’

9 Nov

This weekend my boyfriend’s parents were in town and they took us to Millennium, the fancy-fancy all vegan restaurant in downtown San Francisco. It’s our go-to place for celebrating holidays, anniversaries, quitting our jobs, getting new jobs, etc. so I’ve been quite a few times sine moving to San Francisco over 3 years ago, but I feel the experience is always worth making note of.

I’m a dumby and forgot to grab an extra menu, but I’ll do the best I can at the wordy descriptions.

I started with the Little Gem salad with a Caesar vinaigrette and smoked tofu. Despite the rotating seasonal menu, they tend to have this salad quite often and I highly recommend it because it is just so delicious.

I also got to try a few bites of the potato salad. I believe there were two types of potatoes, crispy capers, avocados and a tasty dressing.

And then our table was pleasantly surprised with a complimentary appetizer, an edamame rice cake with various sea vegetables. I don’t think I would have normally picked out this dish, but after trying a few bites I wanted to order one all for for myself.

For my entrée I had the maple butternut squash risotto with smoked tofu, artichoke hearts, crunchy filberts and a delicious red reduction sauce that may have been cranberry based, but I could be completely confused. It was all my favorite things in one dish, but I could barely manage to eat half of it, after all I had to save room for dessert!

When you go to Millennium you have to order dessert, I knew right when I looked at the menu I would be ordering the pumpkin cheesecake with a brownie crust, some kind of berry compote and a boozy sweet cream sauce. It was just as good as I imagined it would be.

I know, I know, I totally failed at recalling the descriptions. You’ll just have to go see for yourself. It’s worth every penny, and I would say it’s decently priced for a high-end restaurant. Plus, they have all sort of discount nights and prix fixe menus you can take advantage of if you have to work within a budget.

And don’t forget to enter to win a signed copy of The Vegan Girls Guide to Life. I’m closing the contest at 11:59 p.m. on Sunday the 14th!

MOFO plus a giveaway!

1 Nov

As many of you may know by now, November is the fifth annual Vegan MOFO, or Vegan Month of Food. For anyone not in the loop quite yet, the goal of MOFO is to write a food related blog post every week day to help get the word out that vegan food is DELICIOUS! Right now there are almost 500 bloggers participating, so be sure to check them out!

Now, I’m not delusional enough to think that I could possibly blog every day at this particular junction in my life, heck I can’t even keep up once a month it seems, but you may see a few food and cooking inspired posts from me this month. Hopefully next year I’ll be able to go all out!

Now onto the reason you all even bothered to read this post; we’re having a giveaway! My friend Melisser’s book The Vegan Girls Guide to Life comes out this month today (happy book release day, Melisser!) and I’m giving away a signed copy to one lucky reader! This book is going to be great, and I’m not just saying that because there is a little knitting project and vegan yarn guide contributed by yours truly in it. This book is also full of yummy recipes, cruelty free beauty and fashion advice, craft projects, and travel tips.

To enter leave a comment and tell me about your favorite fall dish (vegan please!), make sure your email is located somewhere so I can contact you if you win.

After you have entered, you can earn one extra entry by tweeting the following (be sure and leave a SEPARATE comment telling me you have done so and include your twitter username!): Enter to win The Vegan Girls Guide to Life from @tree_wool here http://wp.me/pV0cu-3G

The contest ends the date of the book release the date that the books are being shipped out* which is November 15th. The winner will be chosen that day at random and once I have your address the book will be ship to you! This contest is open to international residents.

Good luck and happy November!

*Sorry for the confusion, the book is technically out today but if you buy directly from the author (which you should!) your book will ship the 15th