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Austin Trip, a FO and a new WIP

17 Jun

I’m finally back from Austin! While I can’t say it was the best trip, I still had fun and I always love spending time with my mom. Living half a continent away can be tough sometimes!

The first day I was there I thought I might have broken my foot and spent the day laid up on the couch watching reruns of House. The next day my foot felt better, but I soon came down with an upper respiratory infection which I am still dealing with. All this down time meant I finally had a chance to finish Tuck! Photo courtesy of my mom.

Completed Project: Tuck

This project was so fun and I love the finished product. It may be my favorite garment I’ve knit to date.

Of course I did manage to venture out of the house a few times and so we paid a visit to the Old Oaks Ranch Fiber Arts Center in Wimberley.

This charming little shop is situated in a rural area and includes a sculpture garden, a herd of alpacas and a large room for weaving. It’s a bit of a journey from my parents house, but well worth the drive. When we arrived we were immediately greeted by the super friendly owner and offered a glass of water, which was great because it was well over 90 degrees outside. The shop is quite cozy and there were several people there chatting and working on various projects.

While there actually wasn’t much of  a selection of vegan fibers, I still picked up 2 skeins of Habu Textiles XS-32 20/18 Bamboo, which I think wants to be a shawl. I also picked up a few skeins of 2nd Time Cotton from Knit One, Crochet Too, which is made from recycled fabric scraps from the garment industry.

On the plane home I started the Arrowhead Shawl with the 2 skeins of Hempathy I had leftover from Tuck.

I don’t really wear shawls over my shoulders, but living in San Francisco means I’m always looking for light weight scarves for the summer, and I think this will be perfect!


The San Francisco Ravelry Meet Up!

17 May

Yesterday was the San Francisco Ravelry meet up, so I walked over to the Women’s Building in the Mission to see what was going on.

On my way through Duboce Park I spotted this adorable little knitted cozy

The Women’s Building is beautiful, and it’s amazing resource for women and girls in San Francisco. I love living in a city with this kind of community support.

By the time I got to the Women’s Building the meet up was already in full swing. There were machine knitting and needle felting demos (sadly not vegan friendly), free hand massages, a potluck , door prizes, and of course hundreds of people knitting, crocheting and even spinning.

Someone was sweet enough to bring some vegan food to the potluck!

I didn’t get a chance to try a dolma, but they looked tasty!

I spent time chatting with some lovely women and working on Tuck which has been on the needles since spring break.

Then I felt guilty and had to put it away to work on a (non-vegan and not pictured) internship project that I should have finished yesterday.

Overall, I had a very nice time and found a few knitting groups that meet near me. I left before the door prizes were announced…did I win anything?