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Finished Gretel Tam & the Start of Watershed

6 May

I am so happy with how my Gretel Tam turned out! It may just be one of my favorite projects to date.

Last night my friend Megan and I got together at a cafe in Berkeley for our semi-weekly knitting date and she snapped a photo for me. It’s been a bit warm in the Bay Area for the past few days, but I can always count on a 20 degree temperature drop in the evenings for an opportunity to sport a chunky, cabled beret.

I cast on for Watershed the other night. Yes, that would be the over-dyed Blue Sky Alpacas Organic Cotton I had started my Who Me? Cardigan with. Unfortunately, that project had to be frogged. I’m not really sure what happened…before I started I was positive I had enough yarn, but I still have half of the left front, the collar detail, plus two sleeves to knit, and not nearly enough yardage. I had traveled with the project over the holidays so I’m afraid there might be a lonely ball of yarn somewhere between here and Texas. Luckily the small size for Watershed only requires 300 yards, so I think I’m safe this time.

I had some surprise time off work this week so I’ve already finished the lace border and am on to the first chart repeat of the body.

This week is my bloggoversary, so stay tuned! I have something special planned!


Two Finished Hats!

4 May

I finished my mom’s Leaf Beret and the Gretel Tam within 24 hours of each other! The Gretel Tam is blocking now, so expect pictures later this week; for now here’s a look at the Leaf Beret.

I’m going to toss it in the mail today and it should get to my mom just in time for Mother’s Day. I wish I could say I planned it that way, but I didn’t. My timing just happened to be perfect.

I didn’t expect to finish the Gretel Tam so quickly, so now I’m out of knitting projects. I’m thinking I might give Watershed a go. I know I said I wasn’t going to be knitting cardigans this year, but it really is more of a vest…so that doesn’t count right?


8 Apr

I’m having issues containing my excitement. The knitting machine I ordered a few weeks ago finally arrived! It’s the same model I learned on at school, so I had no issues jumping right back into it. Next semester and onward I’ll even be able to take my projects back and forth with me!

I picked up some organic cotton yarn from Art Fibers to practice with.

I adore knitting  by hand. There is nothing quite like watching NBC on Thursday nights, or listening to the This American Life podcast with a kitty curled up on your lap while you’re knitting away on a sweater or hat, but there’s a fashion designer and a rabid knitwear lover in me that needs things and needs things now to satisfy all my creative itches.

No worries though! This blog is absolutely not straying a bit from it’s focus on my love of hand knitting.

Here’s some progress I made on Gretel this week, I’m really into this cable pattern.

Why, yes, that is a kitty tooth mark in my knitting needle.