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Oh, right. Socks.

10 Sep

Oh hey, remember these? Yeah, well I finished them forever ago and then never posted anything about them. I set them aside to dry somewhere and then completely forgot about their existence.

Just for fun!

Finished Soybean Socks

Finished Soybean Socks

I had a lot of fun making these. It’s a great pattern!

In other news, I had my first knitwear design class this week. I have fallen in love with the knitting machine. It’s not as relaxing as knitting by hand, it’s more akin to working with a sewing machine, but I love watching my swatches take shape so quickly! What can I say, sometimes instant gratification is nice.


Sock Candy is BACK!

21 Aug

I just wanted to make sure no one is going to miss out on their chance to grab some Blue Moon Fiber Art’s Sock Candy before it’s gone forever. Sock Candy is a beautiful hand painted cotton/elastic blend perfect for us non-woolly knitters who love to knit socks. Of course, it could be used for any other project where fingering weight yarn is appropriate (but really, you should make socks). Unfortunately, this is the last time the hand painted version will be available. Fortunately, a vat dyed version of the cotton/elastic blend will be available very soon. Hooray high quality vegan sock yarn!

I was so excited to see that it was back this morning that I bought the Schaherazade colorway on my smart phone while on the train (I have a thing for hand painted yarns, OK).


They have several other beautiful colorways available, you can check them out here. Personally, I am also fond of Autumn, Lapis, and Otterpop.

Finally! A Second Sock!

7 Jul

I decided that I needed to knit something for just me this past week, so I cast on for my second Soybean Sock, which I started on in February. I finished the first one really fast, but continually failed to start on the second for months.

This lovely pattern can be found for sale over at the lovely Herbivore Knits. It’s a pretty, fun, and stress free pattern, which I really needed after a few of my last sock endeavors were total disasters.

I’m using the recommended yarn Panda Soy (hence the name Soybean socks) in Provence. I really love this yarn, even if it has the tendency to split.

After I finish the sock I will be moving onto an exciting new project that I can’t wait to share with everyone! I’m in the middle of swatching with some 2nd Time Cotton and it looks very promising. More on that and a finished pair of socks coming soon!

Current Obsessions

12 May

Since we’re all still getting to know each other I figured I’d do a little roundup of all the yarns I’m in love with at the moment. Maybe it will introduce some of you to a new favorite yarn, or inspire your next project!

Blue Sky Alpacas Organic Cotton

I can never get over how soft this cotton is! When I buy a new skein I usually spend roughly an hour petting it and day dreaming about what it will become. I’ve by far used this for more projects than any other yarn & have 9 skeins in my stash as we speak. It’s been telling me it wants to be a sweater. Bonus points for being organic.

Crystal Palace Panda Soy

I’m a sucker for any of those odd plant fibers and this yarn is a two-fer with bamboo and soy in the fiber content. This is definitely my favorite sock yarn, but you don’t have to use it exclusively for socks! It’s also great for gloves, mitts and other such hand-coverings. I actually kind of hated variegated yarns before starting a pair of Soybean Socks in Provence, but now I find myself oddly drawn  all sorts of multi-colored yarn.

Elsebeth Lavold Hempathy

One thing you will learn about me is that I love knitting for spring and summer. I live in San Francisco so I can almost justify it for the few days a year when it’s nice enough to head outside in short sleeves. When I pick out a pattern for a tank or vest the first question I ask myself is whether I’ll be able to use Hempathy, and if not I pout. It’s a little rough to touch at first but I promise it will soften up as you work with it.

Ecobutterfly Organics Farfalla Organic Worsted

Did you know there was an almost entirely vegan yarn company out there? Because no one told me until like last week. Eco-Butterfly cotton and hemp yarns are certified organic and fair-trade and come in a wide variety of natural and vegetable based dyes. Awesome! Be careful though because the 1% of their product that isn’t vegan is dyed using crushed bugs, gross! Lucky for us they clearly label their yarns “vegan”. How cool is that? Anyway, the yarn is super soft and they have a wide variety of weights and colors to choose from. It’s probably one of the most ethically produced yarns on the market today, so give it a chance next time you’re picking out something for your next project.

Classic Elite Yarns Cotton Bam Boo

Cooper begged me to be in the photo shoot.

Another great yarn for summer knits. The cotton/bamboo blend makes it light, soft and breathable. It’s absolutely awesome to work with!

So what’s everyone else in love with lately?