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The San Francisco Ravelry Meet Up!

17 May

Yesterday was the San Francisco Ravelry meet up, so I walked over to the Women’s Building in the Mission to see what was going on.

On my way through Duboce Park I spotted this adorable little knitted cozy

The Women’s Building is beautiful, and it’s amazing resource for women and girls in San Francisco. I love living in a city with this kind of community support.

By the time I got to the Women’s Building the meet up was already in full swing. There were machine knitting and needle felting demos (sadly not vegan friendly), free hand massages, a potluck , door prizes, and of course hundreds of people knitting, crocheting and even spinning.

Someone was sweet enough to bring some vegan food to the potluck!

I didn’t get a chance to try a dolma, but they looked tasty!

I spent time chatting with some lovely women and working on Tuck which has been on the needles since spring break.

Then I felt guilty and had to put it away to work on a (non-vegan and not pictured) internship project that I should have finished yesterday.

Overall, I had a very nice time and found a few knitting groups that meet near me. I left before the door prizes were announced…did I win anything?