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10 May

Knitting is one of the final frontiers the vegan community has yet to carve a niche for itself in. There aren’t a lot of great vegan yarns out there, especially for winter knits, and sometimes it can be difficult to find help navigating the fiber world, either as a new vegan, knitter or both. So, after writing this guest blog post for Vegansaurus a couple months back, I decided that I had more to share.

I graduated from college where I majored in fashion design about a year ago. Since then I’ve begun designing my own patterns and started interning for a small yarn company. In two weeks I’m moving on up will begin working at a small knitting pattern company.

With this blog I hope to share with the rest of the world my current projects, designs, a little insight into my day job, and some tips for knitting (and crafting) without animal fiber.

You might be wondering to yourself ‘what’s up with the name Tree Wool?’ Well, in my first few days as a lowly intern I was given the assignment of researching German yarn shops and retrieving their email addresses. The great thing about most German yarn shop website is that they’re pretty well exclusively written in German so I picked up a good amount of knitting lingo. My favorite word was Baumwolle, which means cotton in English;  literally translated it means tree wool. Cute!

So thanks for stopping by! Here’s a picture of Baumwolle that I bought today, Blue Sky Alpaca’s Organic Dyed Cotton. I hope I’ll have something neat made out of it to show you in a few weeks!