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Winter in June – How I Stay Sane During Bay Area “Summers”

1 Jun

Oh, the joys of living in San Francisco. The weather is hardly ever quite right. While my family and friends living in Texas are reporting temperatures well over 100 degrees, it has been cold and raining off and on for the past week. I suppose you learn to love it, and it certainly pays off in the actual winter months.

I recently treated myself to Julie Hasson’s new book Vegan Diner and have been eager to try some recipes. Even though it feels so wrong to be making soups and stews as the rest of the country eases into the first weeks of summer, I can’t help but crave comfort foods when the weather gets so dreary. So, I decided to try the recipe for veggies and dumplings.

I really enjoyed this recipe, and it was so easy to put together!  I can’t wait to try more from this book; I have my eyes on the  the mac-and-cheese, reuben, and Philly cheesesteak sliders for future meals.

I refuse to completely abandon hope that warm weather will come to San Francisco. If it doesn’t, I’ll never get the chance to wear the Comment (Norah Gaugah Vol. 6) tank I’ve been working on for the past week.

After knitting Watershed I had decided I wanted to work something a little more mindless for awhile. It’s a lot of stockinette.

Luckily, I had just enough Knit One Crochet Too 2nd Time Cotton in my stash for this project. If you’re not into subbing you’re in luck, the pattern calls  Berroco Bonsai (97% bamboo, 3% nylon) which is a vegan yarn!

So that’s about how my life has been since finishing up the semester. A lot of cooking, knitting, and glancing wistfully out the window wishing for warmer weather. What are your summer plans?


More New Vegan Yarns For Spring!

11 Apr

Turns out Berroco isn’t the only company with new vegan yarns out this season! Here are a few more I’ve discovered recently:

Cricket is one new option from Classic Elite Yarns (60% cotton, 40% linen). I love the subtle tweed effect.


Also from Classic Elite Yarns is Seedling which is 100% organic cotton and comes in 14 great colors.


Newest from Rowan is Panama (55% viscose, 33% cotton, 12% linen), this one looks super soft!


And then there’s Babyboo (45% bamboo, 55% nylon) from Knit One, Crochet Too. I’m really excited about this one. Don’t let the name scare you off, the color palette is actually quite lovely and void of too many pastels.


Do you think you’ll be giving any of these animal-fiber-free yarns a try?

Completed Dandy Neckerchief

21 Mar

I think I finished this a month ago? Or something? Sometimes I am just so bad at remembering to take pictures.

The pattern is the Dandy Neckerchief and the yarn is Berroco Weekend. I am just in love with the final product; it is cozy and warm, and the color goes great with my grey winter coat – the Vaute Couture Vaute Coat. I was worried a bit before blocking because the stitch pattern was looking a little lumpy, but I squirted it with a bit of steam and it came out perfectly.

Since then I have cast on for the Gretel Tam from Stitch n’ Bitch Superstar Knitting, the latest from the Stitch n’ Bitch series. My lovely Nana was nice enough to get me the book for for Christmas.

I am using the bamboo/cotton/acrylic mix I had custom spun at Yarnia in Portland. I was worried that having so many separate strands would be annoying, but it’s really not bothersome at all. And the yarn looks so yummy!

On the Needles

26 Jan

My current work in progress is the Dandy Neckerchief in Berroco Weekend. So far it’s been a fun but fairly mindless piece to work on. As of right now I just plan on knitting to the end of my second ball of yarn.

Tomorrow I’m headed to Portland, Oregon, the vegan capital of the world! I plan on eating a whole lotta vegan food, shopping, and exploring the cities  numerous yarn shops (especially Yarnia!).

Oh, and check out my new little side project The Noochy Noodle, where I try out every vegan macaroni and cheese related recipe, product and menu item I can get my hands on.

New Vegan Yarns!

15 Jan

Did anyone else see that Berroco has a few new vegan yarns coming out for Spring/Summer? I’m pretty excited about them!

As you know I’m already a fan of Weekend, so I was excited to see that Weekend Chunky is in the works. Looks like it will be good for snuggly scarves and other accessories.

Glint is 80% Cotton, 12% Nylon, 8% Metallic. This is definitely a good yarn for a summer pullover or tee. I used to not be into anything shiny, but in my knitwear class last semester encouraged me to use some metallics in my designs and I found it really grew on me. I’m especially liking the Golden Fleece color way.

And then there is Linsey which is 64% cotton and 36% linen. Linsey comes in some really gorgeous color ways, both solid and variegated. If I wasn’t on cardigan hiatus I would be picking out the perfect light weight cardigan to cast on for with this yarn.

And the best thing? All these yarns have corresponding pattern booklets! Love that.

I’m really liking the Peterborough cardigan from Norah Gaughan Vol. 8 for Linsey:

Do you think you’ll be trying out any of these new yarns?