So long!

23 Mar

Hi all! I know there have been some questions about what’s been going on with Treewool and if there will be any future collections or work. Sadly, the short answer is no. 

I started Treewool because I was feeling unchallenged creatively. I was feeling stuck in life and wanted to take things into my own hands to make myself feel fulfilled. And it was so fulfilling! Every order neatly wrapped in tissue, every encouraging email and Facebook comment from customers, all of the love and support everyone gave me was absolutely amazing. Unfortunately, I found that just because something is fulfilling doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to make you happy. 

There are things making me very happy right now, and I’m trying hard not to take on too much like I have a history of overwhelming myself for no reason. Over the past 2 months I got engaged so my fiancee are beginning to plan our wedding, we moved from San Francisco to Portland last month, and I got a full time job here with a lingerie company. I am the happiest I have been in years and I know that working on Treewool again will just upset everything. 

So that’s that. But this isn’t the last you’ve heard from me. I will always yearn to be an entrepreneur, indie fashion designer, and small business owner, so when the time is right I’ll be back. It may be a small scale hand-made focused project like Treewool, or it may be a higher-volume ready to wear project. Maybe a retail store? Either way, I’m always dreaming about something!


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