The Vegan Cupcake Off!

14 Jun

The adorable little boutique and DIY community space Rock Paper Scissors Collective in Oakland hosted a vegan cupcake off on Saturday! For $5 you got to sample all the cupcakes and act as an official cupcake judge. Fun!

And the cupcakes! Wow!  Everything was so tasty, I wish we could have bought extra cupcakes after we sampled everything. I would have happily taken home one (0r 12) of everything. Starting from the very bottom and moving clockwise we have: Inlaw Cupcake (double chocolate and coffee), Lime Raspberry-inthemiddle Mini Cupcake, Cardamom Cupcake with Strawberry Jam and Basil Buttercream, Peach Melba Cupcake, Pastel de Tres Leches Cupcake with an adorable little palette cleanser to the side, Rhubarb Apple Cupcake with Burnt Sugar Drizzle, and a Blueberry Surprise Mini Cupcake.
 It was truly difficult to pick just one winner.  Everyone who entered should give themselves a pat on the back for being so talented! But choose I did.

A big thanks to RPCC to putting on such a great event! I’m already looking forward to next year.

Which of these flavors do you think would have been your favorite?


One Response to “The Vegan Cupcake Off!”

  1. kala June 14, 2011 at 11:48 am #

    Those all sound delicious! I think the blueberry one sounds the best 🙂

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