My First Hand Dying Adventure

1 Sep

Today is my last official day of summer. Tomorrow I start my online classes, Saturday I have my first on campus knitwear design class and Tuesday I go back to work.  I’m using today to wrap up some projects I started over my break, clean, organize and of course, knit.

Here’s one project I finally finished today. A couple of months ago a yarn shop in my area went out of business and had a huge sale. I grabbed about 9 skeins of this:

Blue Sky Alpacas Organic Cotton

And because it was on sale for about half off the sticker price, I convinced myself I really liked it. I mean, how could I not? I could make  an entire sweater, plus maybe a hat, or mittens for so cheap. But then I got home, swatched it up using a few different stitch patterns and of course I absolutely hated it. It was just too…beige and white? I’m sure it could be great for something, but definitely not a garment. Sorry, Blue Sky Alpacas, you know I still love you.

So I bought some blue dye and went to town on it.

Now, I’ve never dyed anything before in my entire life. Not even tye-dye. Not even easter eggs. I was really just making things up as I went along. Next time I know to dye on the table and not the floor (back ache!) and the wear gloves that go up to the elbow (I had a very blue index finger for a few days). I had fun though! I enjoyed myself and as soon as I find out exactly what the protocol is for rinsing hand dyed yarn (I was in the bathtub for hours wringing out the yarn) I want to do it again, and maybe even give hand painting a try!

The results?

My first hand dying project

I like it! I didn’t expect the brown to still show through after dying since it’s just naturally grown to be that color, but oh well. I think it swatches up quite nice.

Who Me? Cardigan Swatch

I’ve already cast on for the Who Me? Cardigan from the latest issue of Knitscene. I want a go-to cardigan I can wear year round, but still have some interesting details. I think the yarn will help it stand out and match the grey jeans I wear all the time.

The tank top I’m working on is going swimmingly —that is until I decided I wanted an entirely different hem and ripped the whole thing out. Like I said, things are always subject to change with me, I’m definitely a perfectionist when it comes to design (and absolutely nothing else). I’d rather do more work than be unhappy with the finished product. Hopefully I can catch up on it soon.


3 Responses to “My First Hand Dying Adventure”

  1. kala September 1, 2010 at 8:47 pm #

    Oooh, I love how the yarn came out, it’s got a lot of depth!

  2. cseneque September 2, 2010 at 9:15 am #

    Oh cool! Nice work with the overdying; I love how it turned out.


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    […] cast on for Watershed the other night. Yes, that would be the over-dyed Blue Sky Alpacas Organic Cotton I had started my Who Me? Cardigan with. Unfortunately, that project had to be frogged. I’m […]

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