Vogue Knitting Fall 2010 Preview

17 Aug

When I woke up this morning the Vogue Knitting fall 2010 preview was waiting for me in my inbox, and I have to say I am incredibly impressed by the designs in the upcoming issue.

London Calling

I tend to not care too much about color work, but this tunic really does it for me. I’ll probably never make it because I just don’t have the patience or motor skills to handle all those colors, but still!

Head of the Class

I don’t think I would ever make this one either, nor is it really my style, but I think the design here is pretty spectacular. I love the dramatic collar paired with the soft, undulating texture of the stitch pattern.

Rebecca Taylor

I love the texture and shaping in this piece. It’s very unique.

I usually wind up gravitating towards a specific collection in every issue, this time my favorite was Force of Nature.

Force of Nature

This is my favorite design of the issue. It may also be in the running for one of my favorite knit designs ever. I can’t get over those sleeves! There’s so much going on, but it all works together so ¬†seamlessly.

Force of Nature

I want to make this one for me. The button covers are great and really give the piece a nice finished look that naked buttons can sometimes ruin.
Another that’s being added to the queue. The way the cables form pleats is beautiful, and I love the short row collar.

What does everyone think of the upcoming issue?


One Response to “Vogue Knitting Fall 2010 Preview”

  1. kala August 17, 2010 at 11:56 am #

    I love that last one too, it’s gorgeous!

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