So long!

23 Mar

Hi all! I know there have been some questions about what’s been going on with Treewool and if there will be any future collections or work. Sadly, the short answer is no. 

I started Treewool because I was feeling unchallenged creatively. I was feeling stuck in life and wanted to take things into my own hands to make myself feel fulfilled. And it was so fulfilling! Every order neatly wrapped in tissue, every encouraging email and Facebook comment from customers, all of the love and support everyone gave me was absolutely amazing. Unfortunately, I found that just because something is fulfilling doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to make you happy. 

There are things making me very happy right now, and I’m trying hard not to take on too much like I have a history of overwhelming myself for no reason. Over the past 2 months I got engaged so my fiancee are beginning to plan our wedding, we moved from San Francisco to Portland last month, and I got a full time job here with a lingerie company. I am the happiest I have been in years and I know that working on Treewool again will just upset everything. 

So that’s that. But this isn’t the last you’ve heard from me. I will always yearn to be an entrepreneur, indie fashion designer, and small business owner, so when the time is right I’ll be back. It may be a small scale hand-made focused project like Treewool, or it may be a higher-volume ready to wear project. Maybe a retail store? Either way, I’m always dreaming about something!

Notes On Fall

15 Sep

Hello! It is that already that time, isn’t it? Here I am releasing new designs into the world, and it feels like just yesterday I was putting my first few items in my Etsy shop. I know some of you will be wondering, so I’ll just address it here and now: there is a reason I didn’t do garments for this season.

I take environmentalism and sustainability seriously. Very seriously. This isn’t a fad, or some trend I’m cashing in on. It’s the reason I went to school for fashion design, a big reason why I went vegan, why I started my business, and a major part of who I am today. As I began developing new garments this season I looked around at all the yarn I had left from Spring and felt incredible guilt for taking part in such wastefulness.

I am a professionally trained fashion designer. In school you learn how the industry works, and how things are “supposed” to be done, for example you do at minimum two seasons a year with different fabrications, silhouettes, and color palettes each season. When I started Treewool I didn’t question this method, it seemed to be working just fine for everyone else. Well, it’s not working for me. I have pounds of yarn left from the summer that don’t work for my newest designs, so there it sits, and I don’t know what to do with it. I could order less in the future, but I am learning that this business is incredibly unpredictable. I go through slow spells, and then get hit rapid fire with orders. My suppliers just aren’t fast enough if I need yarn in a pinch.

So, I continued on to do a Fall collection, but decided to go smaller and only created accessories to help keep you fine folks cozy through the winter. I will be taking preorders this time so that I can better gauge how much yarn I should order. Meanwhile, I am working on a new structure for my collections. I envision myself releasing one larger line a year, but we’ll talk more about that later.

Anyway, thanks so much for reading. I hope you love the new items in the shop, and who knows! There might be a few surprises throughout the season for you.

Don’t forget to visit the shop! All preorders of $50 or more through next Friday the 23rd at 11:59 p.m. will qualify for 30% off with the code FALLKNITS

40% Off Everything Sale! Plus, a Peek at Fall

6 Sep

As I start wrapping up the Fall collection I’ve realized I have a stockpile of all of this beautiful summer yarn left, and I need to get it out of my house! It’s completely taken over my studio and I need to make room for all the beautiful new organic fair trade cotton and bamboo yarn I have coming in! Everything in the shop has been marked down to 40% off, and when it’s gone it’s gone!  I will not be reordering summer yarns.

So what’s going on for Fall? I have scheduled the photoshoot for this weekend and am knitting like mad to get my final samples ready! Once the shoot is done I just have to get everything up on the website. Be on the lookout over the next week or two, and of course I’ll update the here when everything is ready.

Here are some teaser photos while you wait.

And don’t forget, Treewool will be booth #64 at Capsule on September 18th in the San Francisco. I’ve attended this design + craft festival a number of times over the past few years and always love it. I’m so excited to be a part of it this year! I’ll have the new Fall items, plus anything left from Summer with me. Hope to see you there!

Sacramento VegFest

14 Aug

*Exhale* I am back from Sacramento VegtFest! It was a lot of  hard work getting everything ready, from knitting all the garments and accessories to getting the booth together, but I’m happy with how everything turned out!

I drove to Sacramento with my boyfriend who also had a table at the festival for FARM, and my awesome ladyfriend Megan who kept me company at the booth and retrieved iced coffees as necessary. It was about 90 degrees in Sacramento, so there was  a lot of iced coffee.

Here I am with the booth (and walrus paintings!)

This is Megan looking adorable in her Chloe Vest keeping an eye on things.

It was fun, and I’m excited to do more events in the future. If there’s a festival, or some sort of craft fair you think Treewool should attend please leave a comment and let me know!

Don’t forget! Tomorrow is the last day to get 20% off using the Chic Vegan discount code!

We Have a Website! Plus Other Misc. Updates

8 Aug

Sorry for the lack of updates since my big announcement! I will be at Sacramento Veg Fest this Saturday and Capsule Design Festival next month and I am absolutely slammed trying to get everything ready! Not only do I have have to knit a whole lotta stuff, but I’m in the process of putting my booth together from scratch and I am a very picky visual merchandiser. If you’re in the area for either of these events please stop by and say hello!

Another project that’s been eating up my time is Treewool’s gorgeous new website! It’s got an online store, and shopping cart, and everything! Didn’t the web designer do a fantastic job? If you’re a devoted Etsy lover then don’t worry, the shop is staying open.

Chic Vegan wrote up a great post today, and there’s a great reader discount included. Go have a look and maybe use that coupon to help break in the new web store.

And finally, did you know that Treewool is donating $1 from every purchase to Farm Animal Rights Movement for the Summer collection? Take a look at our write up in the Meatout Monday’s Newsletter!